Save the environment with
zero tail pipe emission.

the smartest score
in the city: zero

Of course we’re speaking of zero emission. A single person may not be able to negate all the pollution in the city, but with a zero emission drive like the e2oPlus, you can surely drive proud for not adding to it.

What's your city smart quotient? 

Each time you drive the new e2oPlus, you reduce your carbon footprint. We’ll send you regular reports on just how city smart you’re getting by the day with savings on your carbon footprint.

Say no to polluting paint

The e2oPlus will never let you compromise on your ambition of lowering your carbon footprint. The car body panels are no ordinary ones; they are made of multi-layer composites impregnated with the body colour. That essentially means that the regular paint-shop is entirely eliminated from the production line and along with it, the chemicals and power which are required to run it. Additionally, these panels also are scratch and dent resistant. You can simply buff these out to match the rest of the body.

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