Zip through the city
on a hassle free drive

Earn kilometers each time your car slows down

Nothing can be smarter than making the constant jamming of brakes in the start-stop traffic work in your favour. Well, the new CitySmart e2oPlus is up for the challenge with its regenerative braking technology. Each time you hit the brakes or the times when you don’t use the accelerator, the kinetic energy of the car is converted into electric energy. So you don’t just burn kilometers when you drive the all-electric e2oPlus – you earn some too.

Go from the get go

Leaving the rest of the traffic behind when the signal turns green, is a game that every e2oPlus driver enjoys playing. With no heavy engine or moving parts lagging the power output, you get instant torque delivered to your wheels to zoom with maximum momentum right from the moment you start off.

Extra kilometres when you need them the most

With our patented REVive technology, you never have to worry about being stranded with no charge. If ever you find that the battery has run out and you do not have a charge point close by, you can simply use your e2oPlus app or contact us to get additional charge – enough to reach your home or nearest charging point.

Drive easy, charge easy

Charging the new e2oPlus is as easy as charging your mobile phone. Just plug the on-board charger into any normal 16Amp plug point and you’re good for an easy-breezy drive in the city. Charge comfortably, anytime, at your home parking lot or at your work place.

Fear of tight turns - no more!

Stuck in traffic, an alternate route could be the way out. Or a quick ‘U’ turn can be of great help. With its small turning radius of 4.35m and its electric power steering, the e2oPlus will make improvising in the city an absolute breeze.

Never fall back

The hill-hold feature of the e2oPlus works wonders in the city. It smartly assists in preventing the car from slipping backward or forwards on a slope, before you accelerate. Be it a rainy day or slow traffic on long inclines - you get to accelerate without jerks.

Reverse Camera

Staying ahead in the city with its alleys, one ways and dead-ends often calls for pulling back. Precisely why a smart design like e2oPlus equips the car with a rear camera. Spot blocks, gauge distances, and unravel blind spots any time of the day or night.

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