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Will I get a shock if I touch the car when it’s charging?

Certainly not! The e2oPlus's electrical systems are designed to prevent such incidents. A word of advice, be sure not to operate electric switches and plug-in charge cords with wet hands! Having said that, static shocks are normal in all cars (or any metals you touch), as per the weather conditions and cloth material that you are wearing.

What happens when I go on vacation, will the battery discharge?

The city smart car will discharge at a normal rate if it isn't regularly plugged in for charge. It will discharge till it reaches 12% and then the vehicle will shut down to protect battery pack by over discharing. Once you are back, you can open the car door manually with help of key and plug in the charger to wakeup car and re-start the battery. After you do this, it is advisable to let the car charge to a 100% before you start driving again.

Are the batteries safe in all conditions?

To outsmart the city, we have driven the e2oPlus with lithium-ion phosphate batteries under very stringent test conditions. These include simulating accidents, flooded roads and batteries pierced with sharp objects. The battery comes with several layers of safety protection to deal with any untoward incidents. All these tests are done to ensure your drive is a safe one, every time!

Can an additional battery be added to the car?

No additional battery can be added to the car.

What are the different ways to charge my car?

We can help you be city smart by installing a charging port at home or at work or even from a charging station with proper earthing. A full charge of the e2oPlus 48 V will take 6 hours @ 30 degree battery temp.

full charge of the e2oPlus 72 V will take 9 hours @ 30 degree battery temp.

Quick2Charge - Stay even smarter with our Quick2Charge option. The fast charging option fully charges the e2oPlus Plus 48 V in just 75 minutes @ 30 degree battery temp; and the e2oPlus 72 V in just 90 minutes @ 30 degree battery temp.

How do I charge the car?

Charging the e2oPlus never got any smarter. All you have to do is plug the charge cable into a 230V, 15 amp socket.

But my flat is on the 13th floor! What do I do?

No matter what floor you live on, we can help you by installing a socket and connecting it to your electricity meter. All you have to do is talk to your society manager.

How often do I charge the car?

Charging your car is based on your average kms travelled per day

0 – 20 kms : Once in 3 days

20 to 40 kms : Once in 2 days

More than 40 kms : Daily

*Once in 3days we recommend overnight plug in after full charge, this will complete battery equalisation which will help in enhancing battery performance and life.

Are there charge points like fuel stations in and around the city?

Yes, charging points are available around the city, the locations of these are also at your fingertips. The e2oPlus Remote app on your phone will show you to the nearest charging station. Click here to know more.

How do I know how much charge is left in the car?

You can get this information on the instrument cluster in your car, as well as on your e2oPlus Remote app (please note: to get the information on your app, the phone and car need to be connected to the GPRS system.)

Do I have to pay to use public charging points?

Some charging points are free and some are to be paid for (in accordance with your usage). This purely depends on the policy of the service provider.

Will the car overcharge?

To stay city smart, the car has been designed in a way so that it stops charging once a full charge is achieved.

How safe is the car on impact?

The city smart e2oPlus has a unique high tensile steel space frame structure with front crumple zone and dual side impact beams that cocoons the passengers in a safety cage. The dent and scratch resistant ABS body panels take care of small bumps and scratches. They do not deform and scratches can be buffed to restore the shine. (scratch/dent resistent)

How safe is the car for children?

Don't you worry when there's a baby on board! The ISOFIX child mount, a special seat and belt for children, in the e2oPlus is a feature that keeps your toddler out of harm's reach in case of an impact, keeping the car city smart for you.

How is the car safeguarded against theft?

Now outsmart not only the city but the thieves as well with city smart e2oPlus. The e2oPlus has a secure key with a strong encryption; basically the car authenticates the key (and hence the user) before activating the start function! In the rare situation that your car does go 'Missing', the telematics unit in the e2oPlus uses the GSM communication network to triangulate the location of your car. (of course, only if the car is in network area and the customer lodges a formal complaint with the police.)

Will driving the e2oPlus in heavy rains give me an electric shock?

The e2oPlus's electrical systems are designed to eliminate chances of any such occurrence, assuring you a worry free, and shock-free drive.

Does the car have ABS?

The car does not have ABS.

Does the e2oPlus have airbags?

The car does not have airbags.

What are the safety features?

The e2oPlus stays city smart and has a unique high tensile steel space frame structure with front crumple zone and dual side impact beams that cocoons the passengers in a safety cage.

How safe is it on a highway or expressways?

The e2oPlus is absolutely highway safe.

Is it safe to touch the car while it is charging?

It is absolutely safe to touch the car while it is charging. The e2oPlus is designed in such a way that chassis is isolated from main battery and electrical systems, so that the user will not be exposed to danger. Additionally, it is recommended that you use the charge cable provied with the car during delivery. This cable has an RCD protection device fitted inline, which will take care of uncertained voltage and current spikes (if any).

What is the mileage?

In a single charge, the e2oPlus 48V runs 110km and the e2oPlus 72V runs for 140km. The range will of course get impacted by the way the vehicle is driven, the number of passengers, load in the car as well as the usage of cabin AC and heater.

What if I run out of charge in the middle of the road?

With Our smart patented REVive® technology, in case your e2oPlus is low on energy, you can use the mobile app or infotainment system to release a reserve charge that can get you going again. Experience convenience at your fingertips. Please note, this feature affects the battery performance and hence is limited to a maximum number based on the variant.

When will a car with higher range be introduced?

The e2oPlus 72V has a range of 140km, making it truly city smart!

What is the electricity consumption?

It takes 11.5 units of electricity for a full charge for e2oPlus 48V and 16.5 units for the e2oPlus 72V.

What is the price I will pay per km?

To outsmart the city, you need a car with the best in class mileage. Assuming that the cost of electricity is Rs. 6 per unit, you will pay Rs 66/Rs99 for a full charge (110kms/140kms). This means you pay just Rs. 0.70 per km!

What/Where is the engine ?

There is no engine in the e2oPlus..

Does it come in a manual version?

There is no manual version of the e2oPlus. It comes with a direct drive transmission, so an automatic without compromising on the efficiency of the car.

Is there a hybrid version?

There is no hybrid version available for the car.

Are the steering and seats adjustable?

The steering isn't adjustable, but the seats are two way adjustable, making it a smart choice for the city driving.

Is there a power steering in the car.

Yes, the car as an electric power steering.

What kind of brakes are there in the car?

There are disc brakes in the front and drum brakes at the rear.

Can I get my car customised?

Currently no customisation options are available in the e2oPlus.

Can I buy the UK version of the car, here in India?

The UK version of the car isn't available here in India at the moment.

Why are the eVertio models similarly priced, even though the eVerito is much bigger?

The eVerito is a sedan with a metal body. However, it has a smaller range as compared to the e2oPlus. On the other hand, the e2oPlus is a light hatchback with a higher range per full charge.

Are there any variants I can choose from?

There are currently 4 variants of the citysmart e2oPlus. The 48V - P4 and P6, the 72V - P8 and the fleet variant - P2. To know more about the fleet offerings, please click here.

What incentives do I get from the government?

To outsmart your city, the government is willing to help you. The central government provides Rs 1.24 lac as subsidy on each car. Additionally, respective state governments also offer various schemes. Click here to know the scheme for your state.

What are the uses of the app?

Through the e2oPlus Remote app, you can lock or unlock the car, start and stop charging, check the time left to achieve full charge, pre-cool/pre-heat your car before you sit in it, activate REVive and also check the state of charge (SOC)/distance to empty (DTE); all without having to walk to the car! Now this is what we call outsmarting your city.

What kind of terrains can the e2oPlus handle?

The e2oPlus has a ground clearance of 160 mm of ground clearance, which is equal, if not better than other similar sized cars. This makes most terrains easy to manage.

What is the top speed?

The top speed for e2oPlus 48V is 81km/h and for e2oPlus 72V is 85km/h.

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